Saturday, April 23, 2011

strangers, again

do you realize, there's only 2 options for future together?
it's either...
we break up.. or we get married


*update* heyy guys. you should watch this. a must watch short film :D especially for those who involved in any special relationship/commitment at the mo. 


you and i began as strangers

you became my life

When you’re presented with two paths you have to choose one

. . .

 If marriage isn’t your choice then you know what’s coming...

strangers, again

ps:  at many points, it gives us the feeling "Yeap, this feels familiar. I've been there". aite? well that's life, i guess. :)


p.e.y.u.z. said...

wah.nice story. neway, ni real story ke? em. visit m n folow me back k :)

.::s e n t::. said...

this is just a short film..tapi apa yg diceritakan is a typical stages in typical r/ship, aite?

will do :)

LiNdA ZaiN said...

eh2. same la entri ni.!!