Thursday, October 21, 2010

he is someone.....

i found someone who really alike my abah :')

for some reasons, in many ways; he inspired me a lot. 
he's the one who really tought me that, there's no such easy-way to be rich, to be genius, i say.
he's the one who really tought me that hardship really paid-off once you get what you want. what you really dream about since young.
he's the one who really tought me that love needs courage, no hesitate, go for it! and ofcourse, istiqamah and eternally, sampai syurga... :')
he's the one who really tought me that, in our way to get success, DO NOT EVER EVER FORGET TO READ BACK WHAT YOU LEARN. everyday. each lesson. and maintain that kind of attitude :)
he's the one who really tought me that, bersusah-susah dulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. it's just like, awak rasa dulu pahitnye sekarang adalah lebih baik, sebab manisnya akan berkali-kali ganda.
and, for some reasons and in many ways. 
he is just like my own abah. i mean, the way he thinks. the way he tought me about everything. anything. it is always abah who tought me that. and now, i found one who really look alike him.

kudos Prof. Gires ;)

ps: i learned so many things from him. and from everyone in my daily life. kudos for all :)
pss: the real teacher is, our experienced and all the people around us.
psss: go Microbs!! 


zey said...

haha! sokong kaw sern!
perangai prof giresh tu memang cam abah2! =)

.::s e n t::. said...

haha. kann~ :D very the abah abah

penhati said...

aku sokong gak...
hanya org tertentu jer tau!
susah dulu senang kemudian!
gd luck exam gurlz!

.::s e n t::. said...

best of luck jugak penhati~! yeye. tak semua tau

susah dulu senang nanti2 ;))