Thursday, January 14, 2010

NOTED this

u shud know very well..

if u love me..please do tell me..
if u care for me,please show it..
if u want me,be with me every single seconds..
if u miss me,see my pic n do texting me..
if u want it lasting,keep in touch with me,call me or just
simply smses me..
if u like me,smile =)
if u really want to b with me,do contact me everyday..
its all about i want...just it


✖s e n t✖ said::
..well for me..just show that u do care.thats all i want
..bukan duet.bukan hadiah.bukan dating~
..tak sume pmpuan itu just me :)


JustKeepOnWriting said...

like this...stuju!

.::s e n t::. said...

hehee..tukar sket je niens :)