Friday, November 6, 2009


its impossible to understand what's going thru a guy's heart
u told me that u wanted me...and now
that i've given u everything..u tell me u're leaving

u told me that it was the first time u felt this way
and said that i was special
i believed u..and it was my happiness ;)

u shud have told me that ur feelings had faded
i had no idea..and i continue to depend on u
although i say i hate u now, i'll be missing u...

bcoz i'm a whom love is everything..~

they say that when u give a guy all he wants
he quickly gets bored..
and now i know that's the truth...

please dun break the heart of girls..
who'll do anything for love

i didn't know that living this life
while being loved would be so hard......

Little Girls emoticon

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